It’s All Happening

Well, here we are. I had hoped that by the time mid-October rolled around, our Project Fear mini-quasi-blogathon would be a sort of relic, the October 31st Brexit deadline having been abandoned as unworkable, rendering the festivities at Shadowplay a mere nostalgic reverberation from a canceled timeline, but that has not yet happened.

With everything to play for, we shuffle forth.

(The phrase “project fear,” by the way, is one beloved of the Tory right, who have used it to dismiss all well-founded warnings about the negative effects of Brexit as being part of a disinformation campaign to put the shits up the Great British Public. What with Boris (Johnson, not Karloff) focussing all his shambling zombie energies on Halloween as death day for EU membership, I thought somebody ought to do something with the words Project Fear. So I’m celebrating European horror movies, especially those with a tiny British component.)

Festivities start on the 27th.

6 Responses to “It’s All Happening”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Do you know Rossellini’s “Fear” with Ingrid Bergman?

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    With one Tory politico speaking of Boris leading you into “The Promised Land” I thought you’d be euphoric in Edinburgh. Over 40 years ago Jim Callaghan’s son-in-law spoke in similar terms describing the PM as “Moses leading his people into The Promised Land”. Look where that got him. As always Dr. David E. has prescribed the appropriate cinematic medicinal remedy

  3. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Don’t forget Fassbinder’s “Fear Eats the Soul” and “Fear of Fear”

  4. Sorry about Brexit! I’ve got the Czech movie FERAT VAMPIRE covered, and am trying to figure out how to write about BLACK NIGHT.

  5. Thanks, Brendan!

    Rossellini is one of my biggest gaps! Still to see all his Bergman films. Ridiculous.

    The latest: Parliament is expected to deal with all the Brexit legislation in two and a bit days, less time than they spent on the Animals in Circuses Act.

  6. Tony Williams Says:

    From the Tommy Steele musical version of THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER –

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