Wayne’s World

Well, there they were, a whole bunch of John Wayne movie trailers, so what was I to do? What would any red-blooded male do?

5 Responses to “Wayne’s World”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Marion Marshall never fought in any of the wars he cinematically represented. Maria Montez is a far more realistic actor than Marion.

  2. ehrenstein47 Says:

    His only real career distinction — starring n the last appearance (unbilled!) of Louis Brooks!

  3. I’m not bothered by JW’s lack of military service, or all the war movies he made (in every branch of the armed forces plus the RAF!) but I do think that ought to have made him ashamed to spout jingoistic militaristic political opinions irl. Not purely because I disagree with them, but mainly because it’s obscene for someone with his history to talk that way.

    Louise Brooks found him very fanciable, but she did have absolutely dreadful taste in men.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    “You’re such a little guy, I ain’t gonna hit you” PAUSE. “Oh, what the hell! “SLAM!

  5. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Louise had better taste in women.

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