The Sunday Intertitle: Dog Prodigy

“I’m not guilty, the dog is the murderer!”

MINDRAK is an unfunny Czechoslovakian cartoon from 1981. But hey, it has intertitles. Maybe that’s part of the problem.

But it looks nice, and there is some fun lurking from the villain.

The title is somehow translated as INFERIORITY COMPLEX. The man has a genius dog that he’s jealous of and tries to murder, accidentally offing his inoffensive wife and being done for it. It all unfolds very ploddingly and doesn’t have a strategy for getting away with blowing up a sympathetic character. It doesn’t NEED intertitles, so they add to the sense of a bunch of unfunny stuff being laid out methodically, like a smorgasbord of stale gags.

Well, this is depressing! But look at the nice pictures!

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