You Are Elmer Fudd

First person shooter — from RABBIT FIRE (1951).

A brilliant, one-joke cartoon on the same theme as RABBIT SEASONING (1952) and DUCK, RABBIT! DUCK! (1953): Elmer Fudd gets be-fudd-led about whether it’s duck season or rabbit season.

Interesting early example of direct cutting, before the nouvelle vague: Daffy accuses Bugs: “You’re dethpicable.”

Jump-cut to the pair walking along, Daffy elaborating on his theme. Continuity is sacrificed on the altar of forward momentum.

Most baffling bit is when Bugs opens a cook book of duck recipes to make Elmer want t kill, cook and eat Daffy. Daffy retaliates by snatching up a rival cook book devoted to rabbit-based cuisine. But he produces the volume from Bugs’ rabbit-hole. Why does Bugs own this book? Is there a long-suppressed cartoon dedicated to our grey-furred hero’s cannibalistic lifestyle? If so, is it called DONNER PARTY ANIMAL or BUNNY BOILER?

4 Responses to “You Are Elmer Fudd”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Bugs, being the genius that he is, owns this book as a means of pre-emptive self-defense.

  2. Easy to see how the duck recipes could help him. The rabbit recipes seem counter-intuitive!

  3. This Freleng toon plays on that question from a couple of angles:

  4. Yay, celebrity cameos! Very off-the-moment ones — I don’t think the Gregory Peck gag would have seemed obvious a few years later. The Ray Milland one is nice.

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