Anyhow I Tried

Bold attempts, all! And good to see that Captain America isn’t downhearted about his miserable failure to stop Matson from escaping with the decoded plans of Professor Dodge’s Electronic Fire Bolt. You have to keep these things in persepctive.

3 Responses to “Anyhow I Tried”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

  2. bensondonald Says:

    I’d like them to be a little less neutral once in a while …

    “Marsten, that son of a b****, sets a trap for the Masked Marvel.”

    “Shelia tries to shadow the mystery man, but she’s lousy at it.”

    “Spy Smasher, without thinking it through, decides to fight with the pilot of the plane.”

    “The Black Tiger lures Lance Reardon to the warehouse, and sets it on fire — the most expensive and least certain way to kill him.”

  3. What I always think of when I see old serials…

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