You are Pierre Clementi

POV of Pierre Clementi, hand raised. Jacques Perrin aims his handgun right at us.

BANG! The image clouds over pink with a spray of smoke and blood.

Just one remarkable (for 1967!) image from the subject of the new edition of The Forgotten, Costa-Gavras’ UN HOMME DE TROP. Read about it here.

5 Responses to “You are Pierre Clementi”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    I’d forgotten Clementi had worked for C-G. You should do a whole week about him. His career began when he hitched a ride with Alain Delon who was on his way to Italy to star in “The Leopard.” Visconti took one look at him and cast him as one of Burt Lancaster’s sons. From then on it was one spectacular film after another for such notables as Bunuel, Bertolucci, Garrel and Rivette. He made films of his own too. Dies much too young.

  2. I’m crazy about Clementi. Can’t get enough of him.

  3. He’s remarkable. He has an absolutely horrifying set of scenes in this one.

  4. David Ehrenstein Says:

  5. David Ehrenstein Says:

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