Walter Shenson’s Midlife Crisis

Walter Shenson didn’t really build on the success of the Beatles films he produced, did he? 1971 sees him lending his company to a short documentary about wank mags and their models. Featured nudies include Katya Wyeth from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and Julie Ege from everything else.

But what interested me were the vox pops with random Londoners, so I’ve edited together the highlights, badly, to make my own short film, PIN-UP FOLD-IN. The panoply of berks has got me all excited about my trip to London next week, It might also put me in a perfect spot to watch the demise of our democracy, who knows?

2 Responses to “Walter Shenson’s Midlife Crisis”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Can’t help but recall Pamela Green in “Peeping Tom”

  2. I dug it. Also: be of good cheer, DC. This is the (potential) BIRTH of democracy.

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