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The Sunday Intertitle: Flames of Passion

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on August 25, 2019 by dcairns

Spent the night in Glasgow with our friends Nicola and Donald, watching movies — while we were settling in I ran DIVA DOLOROSA as a kind of moving wallpaper, since Nicola had seen and enjoyed ASSUNTA SPINA (1915) with Francesca Bertini.

This compendium doc features acres of kohl-smeared women, alternately languid and berserk, embodying the nlack romanticism school of Italian film (someone in Bologna was wondering at the Italian tendency to colour-code their genres, citing the giallo and pink neorealism — I add the white telephone film to that list, but I forgot about black r.).

Anyway, Italians had by far the best intertitles and fashions and camera movies in the teens…

‘True passion is a flame… It reaches up to the sky but only for a brief moment!’

‘Your brother loves me… Why shouldn’t he lay down his life for that?’

‘You or your brother, only one of you will touch the rose of my mouth.’