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The Sunday Intertitle: Use Force, Luke!

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on August 4, 2019 by dcairns

LUKE’S MOVIE MUDDLE (1916) AKA THE CINEMA DIRECTOR… gets by, like MENILMONTANT and THE LAST LAUGH, without intertitles, though this particular print, the sharpest on YouTube, has no main title either.

But text seems uncalled-for, as the action is so basic. If last week’s Luke short was just people hitting each other with clubs, and it was, this one is all people being shoved into an out of chairs. The site of suffering shifts downwards from cranium to coccyx.

All very limited, but short enough not to outstay its welcome. And there’s nostalgia for the day when your fellow customers’ hats were the biggest nuisance you faced in the audience. Actually, no — 1916 punters no doubt talked loudly, crunched their food, rustled their wrappers and laughed in the wrong places, we just don’t get that here because its a silent film.