Collective Nouns

A BINGE of Gingers.

A CLUSTER of Busters.

A BRACE of Bruces.


A FRAT of Shatners.

A WILL of Irons

A RAGE of Cages.

A BAIL of Bales.

A BAG of Hammers.

A TROUPE of Droopys.

6 Responses to “Collective Nouns”

  1. A SMACK of Cagneys?
    A FLAMBOYANCE of Flynns?
    A SAVVY of Blondells?
    A GAUNTLET of Carradines?
    A STALK of Karloffs?
    A GOULASH of Gabors?
    A TWIDDLING of Hardys?
    A CONFUSION of Sellerses?
    An OVERFLOW of Monroes?
    An EXCESS of Rooneys?

  2. A DITHER of Zasus?
    A FLOUNCE of Malkoviches?
    A BABEL of Gables?

  3. A FRIGHT of Veidts is too easy. I say, a ZEITGEIST of Veidts.

  4. And a HOUSE of Krausses, a WRECK of Schrecks…

  5. A SWANNING of Jannings.

  6. A FELONY of Delons.

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