Ruth Roman Road Movie

The Forgotten goes on the run — I am more and more enthused by Ruth Roman — and Steve Cochran is a real good actor.


4 Responses to “Ruth Roman Road Movie”

  1. Jeff Gee Says:

    In John Gregory Dunne’s “The Studio,” Reggie Callow tells a great anecdote about Steve Cochran: “He had a piece of business he liked to use, it was the best I ever saw. He liked to open a pack of cigarettes. That was, every take, you had to give him a fresh pack. I remember one picture, he did 19 takes of a scene one day, and he went home with 19 packs of cigarettes with just one butt out of each package. That’s almost two cartons.”

  2. Excellent! The actorly approach to bumming cigarettes.

  3. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Ruth Roman survived the sinking of the Andrea Doria. Her life was a movie.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    Steve Cochran was not so fortunate on his “Last Voyage.”

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