Best-Laid Plans


The only thing I managed to take in today, except for some excellent lasagna, pizza and affogato, was SEGRETARIE – UNA VITA PER IL CINEMA, a zippy, light and charming documentary portrait of six secretary/PAs in the heady world of Italian sixties cinema. Working for men like De Laurentiis and Fellini, they survived in a sexist business and kept their integrity.

But, having stayed up all night to catch a very early flight, I was nodding off so had to skip out on UN FRANCAIS NOMME GABIN and FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. This festival is full of such regrets, but immortal moments abound also.

Tomorrow I have to make a tough choice between PEPE LE MOKO and Franju’s NOTRE DAME, CATHEDRAL DE PARIS, but after that my choices are practically written for me. More on how this plays out, later…

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