The Five Ages

The Forgotten this time follows up on my recent chat with Bill Forsyth, of which more later. BEING HUMAN now looks like a sweet, beautiful, but very direct route out of the Hollywood mainstream, and certainly fulfilled that role for its director. It’s well worth your time.


5 Responses to “The Five Ages”

  1. Love these ambitious, decade spanning follies! They’re always so bold and creative that even when they don’t work, they’re invigorating. Cloud Atlas I adored (and on rewatch I’ll look out for the news segments, ha ha ha), but I must still check out Intolerance, Guitry’s Pearls of the Crown and this one. Any others of importance/

  2. Does Russian Ark count? A single shot that travels through time, and not just forwards?

  3. That’s quite the unconventional take (ba dum chh), but yes in spirit in definitely counts

  4. jwarthen Says:

    This is a late response, but your tribute to HUMAN reminded me of another Robin Williams film whose perceived failure seems to have ended the career of a gifted director. I’ve not seen WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, but had earlier admired Vincent Ward’s VIGIL, THE NAVIGATOR, and the swooningly romantic MAP OF THE HUMAN HEART. Your thoughts?

  5. I liked The Navigator a lot. What Dreams May Come really didn’t work, sadly: its failures should have served as warning to another antipodean director straying into the afterlife, Peter Jackson (with The Lovely Bones). With Heaven onscreen, you need to do two tricky things: avoid cliche, and avoid ick. Ick seems to be the greater danger for modern, CGI-flaunting filmmakers.

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