Mixed Messages

4 Responses to “Mixed Messages”

  1. David – sent you an email with a blog question, hope it didn’t get lost in the internet void…

    Not sure what those first two titles are from, but I presented an academic paper earlier this spring on a Frank Miller comic book, and in it I explored the difference between Japanese monster movies, where the monster typically have names, personalities, and histories, and American ones (specifically of the Cold War), where the monsters are nameless threats who are created by atomic weaponry, but come from so far away from the United States that the US government is relieved of responsibility, and can use that same weaponry to destroy them. Interesting stuff.

  2. The ants in Them! are American-made, I guess, but so anonymous they only get a pronoun.

    Gorgo, being relatively local, gets a name, but is an Irish emigre to London. The Brits and Danes seem to have gone for naming their beasts.

    I forget what those frames are from, but the second may be the Corman Crab Monsters.

  3. Joe Dante Says:

    More likely his Monster from the Ocean Floor.

  4. I think you’re right… as usual!

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