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3 Responses to “Chapterplay”

  1. DBenson Says:

    Think I’ve seen several of these. It was a phase I went through, when complete serials began to appear on VHS and then on DVD. A pet theory is that last chapters were intentionally a bit lame and matter-of-fact, so as not to upstage the next serial — I’ve read that theaters would run both the last chapter of the current serial and the first chapter of the next serial in the same program.

    I commend to your attention “Holt of the Secret Service”, a giddy Columbia effort. Jack Holt is assigned to infiltrate a criminal gang, so he plays it tough and mean. Not having to display even token good guy temperament, he’s Moe Howard without the sound effects. Evelyn Brent is a fellow agent who pretends to be his wife. This being a serial for mush-adverse boys, their entire “marriage” consists of yelling at each other and it convinces the mugs. Holt and Brent were both pretty mature (Holt’s adult son was already starring in B westerns), but they pull it off.

  2. The only ending I remember is Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, where they try to justify the hyperbolic title at the eleventh hour:

    Zarkoff: “And by the way, didn’t Ming say ‘I am the universe’? And so, in a way, we could argue that you, Flash Gordon, have conquered the universe. Kind of.”

  3. ehrenstein47 Says:

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