Let Us Spray

Fiona and I gave an interview about LET US PREY to the excellent Annie O’Riordan for the excellent Horror Addicted Gals site — which promptly blew up. So now she’s published it at her own blog. Since, as she says, interviews are usually boring, we decided to be appallingly frank about the process of writing, re-writing, and being re-written on a low-budget horror movie. I love the smell of burning bridges!

LET US PREY stars Jadis; Davos Seaworth; Dolokhov; Petronella; Olaf – Christian viking; Bernard Natan.

Here is the interview.

7 Responses to “Let Us Spray”

  1. Fiona Watson Says:

    Having communicated with Brian O’Malley, there will be some changes made to this piece. Stay tuned, and whoever reads this who was connected to the film, try not to blow a gasket. Factual amendments are on the way.

  2. Mark Fuller Says:

    I’ll leave this hanging…..I’d love to see a black comedy about a Husband and wife scriptwriting duo trying to get their high concept horror film made…..

  3. The early stages really weren’t very interesting, and then it just got rather depressing. The unexpected happy ending where the film turned out OK would probably seem implausible if presented in fiction…

    I’m not sure why there aren’t more films about writing teams… Wilder & Diamond wrote a good sketch performed by Lemmon & Matthau, otherwise I can only think of Topsy Turvey and Boy Meets Girl. It seems a much more promising approach than films about solor writers, which practically NEVER work. Even Charlie Kaufman was forced to invent a brother.

  4. John Seal Says:

    Terrific interview, which helps explain why I found aspects of the film excellent and other aspects shockingly rote. Hope you get to make a feature without busy-body producer intervention at some point soon…

  5. Or, you know, busy-body producer intervention motivated by smarter ideas… There are gentuinely some good things in there that Eddie suggested. But he also, I am reminded, is the one who came up with the title.

  6. Annie Riordan Says:

    Sorry guys, I’ll edit this and repost tomorrow. Been working crazy hours.

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