Kubrick Boxes

Mr. George Swine!

When I first handled Michel Ciment’s magisterial Stanley Kubrick, my friend Robert pointed out something unusual about the pictures, which were glossy and coffee-table-suited, but also — “He’s making connections.” I’m not sure a movie book had done that, previously.

(Obviously, I should have connected the fights in THE DAY OF THE FIGHT [where SK proves it’s not a proper documentary by filming the big match flat on his back at the pugilists’ feet], KILLER’S KISS and BARRY LYNDON, and Tom Cruise’s street-crazy palm-punching in EYES WIDE SHUT with Nicholson’s rather more compelling version in THE SHINING, the vehicular love scenes in STRANGELOVE and 2001, etc, etc…)

4 Responses to “Kubrick Boxes”

  1. Jeff Gee Says:

    This is spectacular!

  2. Thanks! Fun and easy to do, given the right filmmaker. I should do Welles next.

  3. David Ehrenstein Says:

  4. ALL directors are SPOOKS.

    STANLEY’s ‘CUBE–BRICK’ was NO exception.

    Since year one of Yale in China’s fave, “MAO say DUNG’.
    the project here has been ‘men are pigs’.

    KUBRICK was on board from the start.



    and BEHOLD !

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