Superstition Mountain

Fake mountain, real cinema. S. Sylvan Simon (and George Marshall) and LUST FOR GOLD, in this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten, over at The Notebook.

3 Responses to “Superstition Mountain”

  1. chris schneider Says:

    “A femme fatale [baker] who overcharges for her buns” — bravo!

    Saw this aeons ago, and have little memory outside of having liked it. I’ve always been drawn to noir-western hybrids. More, I dare say, than to many normative examples of prairie Americana.

  2. Kind of agree, which may be what I like best in Anthony Mann’s westerns.

  3. David Tucker Says:

    Thank you for acknowledging Mr. Simon’s significance as a filmmaker. You may be interested to learn about this forthcoming book on his life and career:

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