Lord of the Ring

I know a few people who worked with the late Sir Christopher Lee, come to think of it. But I only just found out somebody I’ve known for years worked with him multiple times. “You weren’t allowed to mention DRACULA,” was one unsurprising bit of info, BUT ~ “He had a secret ring, for his doorbell, to let him know it was film crew.” This information thrilled me. Three short rings and one long one, something like that, I assume. I reminds me that he was in special ops in the war. Information about which is still under seal.

One day we’re going to find out about all the Nazis Sir Christopher garroted. OR we’re going to find out it was all a fantasy and he was stationed in Bermondsey the whole time filling out requisition slips. In triplicate. Either way, I shall be very excited.

Knowledge is power.

Thanks, Julie!

4 Responses to “Lord of the Ring”

  1. Who told the story (I think it was mentioned here) about Christopher Lee having a conversation with one young actor, then being interrupted to film a scene, then being seperated for a couple of years, then carrying on where the conversation left off?

  2. The great Steven McNicoll was my source on that — not sure it was years. He wasn’t a direct witness to it but he told the story with wonderment and a kind of fascinated horror.

  3. Chris was notoriously reticent to speak of his OSS years, although he was obviously proud of his service, but I came away with the impression that he had terminated a number of people and didn’t care to relive the events.

  4. Wow. And any information about this is still sealed… what a secretive state we have.

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