Just the ticket


Who’s there?


Mischa Auer?


I’ve written about THE YELLOW TICKET (Raoul Walsh, 1932) before but now it’s a special Tuesday edition of The Forgotten (delayed by root canal).

3 Responses to “Just the ticket”

  1. chris schneider Says:

    “Veda had a glass of milk, and talked gaily about the picture. It was called *The Yellow Ticket*, and Mildred winced at the circumstantial account of how Miss Elissa Landi had pulled out the gun and shot Mr. Lionel Barrymore in the stomach.” (James M. Cain, from MILDRED PIERCE).

    When I read this, I thought “How cleverly Cain foreshadows the shooting of Monty!” Not realizing, of course, that the shooting was added for the Warner’s movie version.

  2. David Ehrenstein Says:

    “This will be my shining hour
    Calm and witty and bright
    Like the face of Mischa Auer
    Through the darkness of the night”

  3. It’s even more clever than that! He’s foreshadowing a later film adaptation of his book he had no knowledge of at the time of writing. Only the very best authors can do that.

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