United We Fall

Stan and Ollie will form the basis of our new Shadowcast, UNITED WE FALL, a wide-ranging discussion with special guest Stephen C. Horne.

Here it is!

4 Responses to “United We Fall”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    About halfway through; good stuff. My first thought was that Mr. Horne might be related to James Horne, occasional L&H director who also directed serials (and did so with intentional goofiness. Lots of comic henchmen).

    A female friend of my age (early 60s) still remembers getting frustrated at “The Music Box” as a child. She also had a thing about the Three Stooges’ habit of trashing nice rooms and not cleaning up — that was more upsetting to her than eye pokes and twisted noses.

    Al Hirschfeld did a magazine cover of the boys (link below). A little provocatively he puts male wrestlers in the bedside photo. He’d later render the same scene as a classic ink drawing, but replaced the wrestlers with a caricature of Garbo.


  2. Great pic!

    On reviewing the films, I’ve yet to find an instance where the sharing of a bed wasn’t down to poverty or war, except the lolling in Their First Mistake. But of course they ARE a couple, of a sort.

    It’s funny how Morecombe and Wise copied the bed sharing but did it in a big house. Accepted by the 70s audience without question, as I recall. We just liked the idea that they went home together after the show.

  3. bensondonald Says:

    The Stooges often shared a bed — or something pressed into service as a bed — snoring in counterpoint.

    Thelma Todd and Zazu Pitts / Patsy Kelly likewise bunked together, in the manner of many chorines and shopgirls in 30s features.

    In an early Looney Tune, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig share a bed. Borrowing an L&H gag, a leaky roof causes a puddle to form between them. Daffy wakes up, sees the puddle and gives the camera a disgusted look.

    In Douglas Fairbanks’s “Man in the Iron Mask”, the Four Musketeers share a bed like a bunch of tapped-out college boys.

    An ancient gag has two drunks in a bed. A third drunks staggers in and joins them. First drunk sees six feet sticking out from under the blanket and wakes up the second drunk in a panic. Second drunk groggily insists there are only four feet there, two for each of them. First drunk gets out of bed and goes to count. Four feet. Reassured, he goes back to sleep.

  4. No relation to James I’m afraid, though it did amuse me as a kid seeing that a fellow Horne worked with the boys!

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