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Chiselled Features

Posted in FILM, Radio with tags , , on March 6, 2019 by dcairns

The Chiseler is back, in a new form, here. Now featuring Zis. Boom. Bah., the Chiseler radio show! Listen… and believe.

I have contributed words to a piece on Katharine Hepburn started by R.J. Lambert, resulting in a piece I feel proud of but not responsible for — it just seemed to happen. I enjoy these long-distance collaborations orchestrated by the Chiseler’s hard-working editor/presiding inspirational demon, Daniel Riccuito. I feel like we may expand it as we’ve barely scratched that enamel surface.

I also chipped in an ad for The Shadowcast, which more people need to know about (tell your friends). New episode coming soon!