The Sunday Intertitle: I Love You, Stanley Donen


8 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: I Love You, Stanley Donen”

  1. Grant Skene Says:

    I had just sat down to watch Stanley Donen’s “Royal Wedding,” a film I had never watched from start to finish, when Twitter informed me of his passing. I found that an interesting coincidence considering the pile of films on my PVR I had to choose from, that was the only one directed by him. And that was a fact I had forgotten until his name appeared on the credits. That dance around the walls and ceiling is technically brilliant, and the incomparable Fred Astaire sells it delightfully.

  2. As The Colorblind James Experience sang:

    When you see the tap dancer dancing, tapping all around
    On the walls and on the floor and on the ceiling upside down
    That’s entertainment, that’s entertainment, that’s entertainment
    What would you call it?

  3. David Ehrenstein Says:

    I am in DEEP mourning Not quite as deep as Elaine May’s but deep nonetheless.

  4. chris schneider Says:

    “Our love will last” — that connection between me and Stanley Donen pictures — “till the stars turn cold.”

  5. David Hare Says:

    Get out your dvd or BluRay of Seven Brides and put on his commentary track. He will slide back into your blooodstream within seconds and you will feel wonderful for the rest of the day. His joy in movies and dance is, as they say infectious.

  6. Ack! Just discovered my DVD has no commentary! I must have passed over a dozen copies of that in charity shops without realizing I lack this vital facility!

  7. Charles W. Callahan Says:

    I feel a loss. I always said I’d wear black when Stanley passed.
    I met Mel Ferrer once. I know. Meh. I was friends with his niece. Her family had 2 copies of the original Funny Face soundtrack from 1957 and she gave me one. Not much of a claim to fame annecdote, but better than nothing.

  8. Hey, I’m impressed!

    Really the end of an era: there’s no other living director from that generation, is there?

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