Essays in Darkness

Got my copy of SO DARK THE NIGHT from Arrow. I wrote an essay for this one, and am delighted to be included in the package along with Farran Smith Nehme & Glenn Kenny (commentary track) and Imogen Sara Smith (video presentation). There was a delay in publication with this one so I’d completely forgotten what I’d written: I was relieved to find it not too shoddy. Peter Bogdanovich’s interview with Joseph H. Lewis was a great help, as was finding out a little about the credited screenwriters.

It’s a fine, offbeat noir and I recommend it. Funnily enough, I was just watching noir pixie Steven Geray in I LOVE TROUBLE (1948), an enjoyable Chandler knock-off helmed by S. Sylvan Simon and written by TV’s Roy Huggins (The Fugitive, The Rockford Files) where he was more typically cast as a louche club owner. If you’re used to seeing him do that kind of thing, Geray’s multiple departures from type in SO DARK will *astound* you.

So Dark The Night [Blu-ray]

6 Responses to “Essays in Darkness”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    Leonard Maltin gives this a rave on his website, and includes you.

  2. Yes! “Scottish film noir authority” made me chuckle. Never considered myself an authority on anything, and I know Eddie Muller and Imogen Smith so it’s impossible for me to think of myself that way.

  3. Congrats on being chosen for this! Look forward to reading and viewing this package. Does anyone know if Arrow blu-rays play on US region DVD players? Have a running wishlist of their offerings.

  4. Arrow have started releasing some titles in the US, haven’t they?

    My copy is coded Region B, but multiregion players are now available here for mere pennies…

  5. Just watched this on the Criterion Channel and boy is it a heckuva film. I can’t think of how to praise it without spoiling it, except to say that final sequence where he sees himself in the inn’s window was heartbreaking.

  6. Glad you liked it! There are a small number of films that Lewis really seems to have put his heart and soul into, and this is definitely one of them.

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