The Chicago Way

SCARFACE stars Louis Pasteur; Molly Louvain; Pendola Molloy; the Duc de Richlieu; Surat Khan; Spats Colombo; Fishbone; Hjalmar Poelzig; Count Mancini; Freedonia’s Secretary of War #1; with Kitty Packard, Montague L. ‘Monty’ Brewster, and Sandoni.

THE ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE stars Cable Hogue; Quiller; Mike Hammer; Freeman Lowell; Dr. Eldon Tyrrel; 2nd Lt. Michael Shannon O’Rourke; Armand Duvalle; Seymour Krelborn; Walter Paisley; Jake Gittes; Sweet Sue; and the voice of Colossus.

THE UNTOUCHABLES stars Wyatt Earp; Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein; Robert ‘Duke’ Anderson; Farley Mowat; Terry Benedict; Ava Paige; and Sheriff J.W. Pepper.

The St. Valentine’s Day Podcast:


4 Responses to “The Chicago Way”

  1. No one else seems to have ever addressed the inexplicable fact of Al Pacino’s amazing performance in the first scene of “Scarface,” followed immediately by Al Pacino’s mouth-droppingly terrible performance in every other scene (also amazing). It’s like watching Frank Gorshin doing his Jack Palance imitation with a Chico Marx accent. Did he do the first scene so well just to show he COULD HAVE done the whole movie that way??

  2. It’s weird, isn’t it? The cops he’s interacting with were subsequently dubbed by Charles Durning and Dennis Franz, so it’s not like he was, so far as we know, being elevated by the actors around him in the scene. The close, undivided attention De Palma’s camera pays him here does seem to demand something special, but subtle. It would be interesting to know where in the schedule it happened.

  3. Charles W. Callahan Says:

    Th narrator of THE ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE was
    voice over “artist’ and occasional actor Paul Frees.
    He played “Dr. Voorhees in Howard Hawks’ THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD and did many voices for Rankin/Bass stop motion puppet shows on TV.

  4. Yes, which is where “the voice of Colossus” comes in — he plays the computer in Colossus: The Forbin Project. Which is great, though he’s no Douglas Rain.

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