Dramatis Personals

CONQUEST OF SPACE stars Mr. McGuire; Gil Favor; Hunk Houghton; Frank DeFazio; Harding; Judy’s Father; Tommy Chan; Artemus Gordon; Nazorine; Sweet Sue; and Rosemary Clooney as herself.

IKARIE XB1 stars a bunch of Czechs. Maybe some Slovaks. Sorry.

SPACEFLIGHT IC-1 stars Clay Halliday; Phoebus; Number 42; Harriet Zapper; Oliver Twist.

DARK STAR stars no stars.The podcast, SPACE MADNESS:

If you’re wondering why I keep talking about it, instead of just posting once and moving on, it seems that if I continually mention the thing, we get more downloads.

Then there’s episode 4, THE FROZEN WASTES:


There’s the minisode, starring a bunch of long-dead people:



MAD CITY stars Tony Manero; Ratso Rizzo; Elizabeth Short; Capt. Benjamin Franklin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce; Miss Trout; Richard Thornburg; and Jame Gumb.

WAG THE DOG stars Ratso Rizzo; Travis Bickle; Marion Crane (2); Larry Flynt; Captain Stacy; Mary-Jane Parker: and Barbarosa.

BULWORTH stars Clyde Barrow; Jinx Johnson; Basher Tarr;  Mary Sunshine; Sam Gamgee; Jackie Harris/Gilligan; Porthos; Henry Kissinger; Max Corkle; and Zorro, the Gay Blade.

Here it is:


SAPPHIRE stars Professor Jerusalem Webster Stiles; Constance Wilde; Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde; Capt. Cyrus Harding; Joe Gargery; Pinder; Chief Inspector Maigret; Valeria Watt; Cinzia Hichcock; Tumak; Grouty; and: Q.

POOL OF LONDON stars An American Airman; Vi Sandigate; Princess Katherine; Pinder; Kitty Feathers; Frederick Delius; Sir Lancelot Spratt; Shagal the Inn-keeper; and the voice of The Sorting Hat.

FLAME IN THE STREETS stars Captain R.F. Scott R.N.; the Queen Mother; Maggie Hobson; Pinder; Albert Steptoe; Big William; and Daphne Honeybutt.



8 Responses to “Dramatis Personals”

  1. Grant Skene Says:

    I have never seen any of the films in your podcasts. (I have seen Monty Python’s parody of Scott of the Antarctic, though.) Will that negatively impact my enjoyment of your podcasts?

  2. Hopefully not! The next one should include something most people have seen (we’re going to try to always have one well-known movie, and one really good lesser-known one… and maybe one bad one).

  3. Warren is DEEPLY and PRFOUNDLY involved in politics, and always has been. A number of year back there was even talk of him running for President — which he immediately brushed way. “Bulworth” (his best film to date) is a “mourning work” about Bobby Kennedy, who he knew quite closely. Regarding his age, he asks Halle Berry how old she thinks he is and she says “60” which judging from the look on his face is clearly correct. Warren is now 80. “Rules Don’t Apply” is interesting but not really about Howard Hughes. Rather it concerns the religious values he was brought up to believe regarding sexuality which he has extravagantly flouted. I do hope he makes another film — perhaps with his transgender son Stephen Ira (Warren and Annette’s firstborn) There should be a sign affixed to him saying “Object in The Mirror Are Quite More Complex Than They at First Appear”

    Oh, and next to “Bulworth” I like “Reds” best.

  4. Grant Skene Says:

    My bad! I have seen all the films in Shadowcast #2, but not in the last decade, at least.

  5. I fear not that many people have gone back to those three films. We’d never seen them — and Bulworth most definitely rewards viewing and is still highly relevant. Once the Trump shit-show is out of the way that’ll become even clearer. If we’re still alive.

    There’s a (perhaps apocryphal) story about the young Beatty telling a friend “I’m either going to run for president or fuck a lot of women.” And a short while later, telling that friend he’d made up his mind.

    But aside from that, what impresses about Bulworth is that it is genuinely deeply serious and intelligent, AND very funny, often in the same instant.

  6. Can’t imagine Warren saying that. He has NEVER uttered so much as ONE WORD about the many women he has danced the horizontal mambo with, save for Diane Keaton and Julie Christie. And in both instances he was speaking f the their intelligence and artistry.

    Joan Collins (being the bigmouth she is) has spoken of the fact that he could make phone calls and thereby do business while having sex. She thought sure he was going to marry her. But he was making “Splendor in the grass” at the time and fell for Natalie Wood.

  7. Tuesday insists he never got to first base with her.

  8. Nor with Julia Phillips.

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