Polanski’s Crocodile





I am patiently waiting for Polanski to complete his crocodile trilogy.

4 Responses to “Polanski’s Crocodile”

  1. He is about to begin production on “J’Accuse” with Louis Garrel as Dreyfus. Maybe Emile Zola had a crocodile.

  2. Is that still on? Am keen for him to do something on a larger scale.

  3. Yes it’s on. Originally he wanted to shoot it in Poland. But that was several years back, I trust you recall when the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office was trying to extradict him and he was briefly jailed. Now it’s All Systems Go in France.

  4. A shame his Vesuvius film, also scripted by Robert Harris, never happened. He doesn’t have much luck with natural disasters: Hurricane was also jinxed.

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