Billy Wilder A-Z

Billy Wilder A to Z from How Exciting! Films on Vimeo.

A little present for all you wonderful people out there in the dark.

Stephen C. Horne and I made this video piece for a Blu-ray release a year ago, but then it couldn’t be included due to concerns from the lawyers. Without anyone’s particular permission, here it is, perhaps only for a limited time (lawyers).

Merry Christmas!

10 Responses to “Billy Wilder A-Z”

  1. Wilder loved this song and used it twice: In “A Foreign Affair” as you’ve noted, but also in “Sabrina” Here is how it was first used, by Rouben Mamoulian in one of the greatest of all musicals.

  2. And here to wish you and Fiona a Merry Xmas is an actor it’s a shame Billy never got to direct.

  3. OMG the battles would have been legendary! You KNOW RD never follows the script (and usually a good thing too!)

  4. Thanks!

  5. You’re all very welcome, and thanks for the kind words.

  6. Charles Cockey Says:

    Very nice, David – I’d say “lovely”, but the ghost of Billy Wilder would rise up and …. no, I’ll stick with “very nice”.

  7. Seeing it again a year after making it, I’d probably rewrite it from top to bottom to make it a better overview of the Wilder sensibility, but Stephen cut it together so beautifully I still quite like it.

  8. That’s a great video. No credit to yourself for the one-word Von Stroheim performance?

  9. Thanks! Ideally I would have gotten my German friend Timo in to do that one word.

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