The Shadowcast #4: The Frozen Wastes

OK, this is the big one.

Inspired by the dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes of Tim Concannon’s Music For Films podcast, I bought some sound mixing software and attempted something similar. The result is a big leap forward in terms of the Shadowcast‘s ambition — a feature-length mix of the usual dialogues (Fiona, me and Momo the podcat) with music, dialogue and sound, with the intention of creating a wintry experience that’s nice to listen to while sat by the fire or in a warm car, bus or train. You can drift off to sleep, read or surf the web, and drift back at will. As I continue to work on this format, I hope to put together shows you can listen to multiple times, more like music than chat.

You can download here.

Or listen right here:

It’s about seven minutes before we even start talking, to give you some idea. You can skip the overture or else skip the whole discussion and go straight to the outro, according to taste, but I think they go well together.

To encourage our efforts, please comment or criticise, and please, please, spread the word by social media or whatever other means are at your disposal. Review us on iTunes (no, I have no idea how you do that) and download all our shows multiple times just for the hell of it.

Discussed in this episode: The Terror; SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC; THE RED TENT.

Here’s the RSS feed which should let you access all the shows.

3 Responses to “The Shadowcast #4: The Frozen Wastes”

  1. Thank you both for this podcast. I saw THE RED TENT on first release in the UK having purchased the Morricone soundtrack in advance. Both have always haunted me and you did full justice to this very underrated film. I’m interested in any link to your 2009 review of THE RED TENT. Also, in terms of SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC have you seen Trevor Griffith’s mini-series THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH that supplies a very different perspective?

  2. Here’s the link:

    If memory serves, I underrated the movie if anything.

    Never saw TLPOE, which sounds excellent.

  3. Tony J Williams Says:


    Forgot I posted way back then.



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