Minisode. It is a vile word, yet no other will do to describe this latest, gently festive, half-pint-sized installment of The Shadowcast, featuring Fiona, myself, an army of joyful, anonymous and long-dead American women and girls, and wanton intrusions from Momo the podcat and mini-sod himself.

This one takes the form of a kind of commentary track, and you can, in theory, watch the film along with us via the miracle of You-Tube, the Tube that puts YOU in the driver’s seat! Start the podcast first and when you here the dim sound of a scratchy fiddle (after we foolishly ask Momo his opinion), play the video and the magic of audio-visual Christmas synchronisation will commence!

This next bit plays the podcast:


6 Responses to “MINISODE!”

  1. Yes! You can also listen to the podcast while viewing Hallelujah the Hills, and make up your own mental connections.

  2. It works very well as a commentary track, but I’m really just there for Momo.

  3. Yeah, he’s a natural, damn him.

  4. This is available on a DVD with a bunch of other films, mostly Biographs and Edisons. The others are less spontaneous.

  5. Yes, it’s lovely. That’s the version we used.

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