Young Actors



10 Responses to “Young Actors”

  1. I’m glad they pointed out that Man Mountain Dean was a bearded wrestling giant. Otherwise I would have assumed he was just a wrestling giant.

  2. Indeed. They don’t mix, you know.

  3. When did Omar Sharif play Captain Nemo? Was there a miniseries or something?

    My list of known Nemos is James Mason, Herbert Lom, Robert Ryan, Jose Ferrer, Michael Caine, and Naseeruddin Shah. Plus whoever voiced the captain on the anime “Nadia”.

    The only one I didn’t get through was the Caine version. There was a long soapy setup involving a marine scientist having father issues and a crush on his stepmother; when it finally got to the Nautilus they introduced Nemo’s daughter and the promise of lots more soap.

    Jose Ferrer starred in a “miniseries” about Nemo and his sub being reactivated in the 20th century, pitted against mad professor Burgess Meredith and his underseas minions. It was produced by Irwin Allen, regressing to his “Lost in Space” level (which was hopeless even in the 60s). It was obviously meant to be an ongoing series; evidently the network tried to cut its losses by stopping production and airing the episodes they had as a “special event”.

    Robert Ryan was an implausibly benign and avuncular Nemo in “Captain Nemo and the Underwater City”, a kiddie matinee flick with a bigger budget than most. He was even romantic, matched up with pretty widow Nanette Newman. It was sort of a “Lost Horizon” knockoff, with Chuck Connors trying to escape Nemo’s Oz-like utopia to complete his mission to end the American Civil War.

  4. I seemed to be taken to an endless array of subaquatic matinees as a kid, so I think both the Ferrer and Ryans were viewed.

    Omar Sharif goes full Nemo in the 1973 Mysterious Island, directed by Juan Antonio Bardem and one Henri Colpi. Not, I fear, a distinguished work.

  5. I simply adore James Villiers. He’s perfection playing smarmy upper-class twits in films as different as Losey’s “Eve” and Seth Holt’s “The Nanny”

  6. It would have taken real moxie to release the Ferrer to theaters. It makes the “Man From Uncle” pasteups look almost like movies.

  7. Villiers was divoon. Great toffery in King and Country and Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb too.

    Oh, the Rank circuit lived up to its name with many a manky matinee.

  8. I recognize the Jose Ferrer image is from a trailer for Umberto Lenzi’s NIGHTMARE CITY. It’s not a good movie, but I love the soundtrack, so I’ve often put it on in the background.

  9. MEL Ferrer, not Jose Ferrer. I need more coffee.

  10. Have never actually watched Nightmare City, now I’m curious… at least about the music.

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