Atheists in Foxholes

New Yorkers have a rare and not-to-be-missed chance to catch Joseph Losey’s devastating KING AND COUNTRY on the big screen, and it’s the subject of today’s delayed-since-armistice edition of The Forgotten.


6 Responses to “Atheists in Foxholes”

  1. “King and Country” played the New York Film Festival in 1964 — the year after “The Servant” did. it sealed the deal on the transformation of Losey’s and Bogarde’s careers. “Accident” and “Modesty Blaise” followed. As always with Losey and Bogarde “Strange Twilight Urges” abound. Courtenay’s “Hap” is unaware of a great many things — among them that his “defense attorney” has fallen in love with him.

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    The grinning corpse formed the background image to the traumatic soldier (fictional recreation) in the foreground that opened the BBC 2 series THE GREAT WAR that appeared over 50 years ago when many participnats, soldiers and civilians, were still with us.

  3. Yes, courtesy of the Imperial War Museum.

    The possible gay subtext of K&K is PURE subtext because there’s nothing there in the script, is there? All done by Bogarde’s performance alone, and encouraged no doubt by Losey, who never feared overload and never met a subtext he didn’t like.

  4. Evan Jones also scripted “Modesty Blaise”

    And speaking of Dirk Bogarde . . .

  5. Where’s the New York showing? I’m looking around for it, but can’t seem to figure it out.

  6. Maybe I’m wrong — rechecking my email from my editor he says “We’re showing thisn in the US…” maybe he meant MUBI…

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