When Diana Dors Ruled the Earth




I didn’t invent the title of this one. I want to say it was Peter Cook, but I can’t confirm this. Google stands helpless.

12 Responses to “When Diana Dors Ruled the Earth”

  1. revelator60 Says:

    Definitely Peter Cook—I think Dudley Moore spoke it during one of the Pete and Dud dialogues from “Not Only…But Also.”

  2. It is Cook. From “The Making Of A Movie.” Not Only But Also. 1970.

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  4. revelator60 Says:

    I was slightly mistaken—the phrase “when Diana Dors ruled the earth” was indeed used in a Pete and Dud dialogue, but not any in “Not Only…But Also” (though as smcnic says, the phrase first appeared in NOBA’s “The Making Of A Movie”).

    The dialogue in question is from “Tea for Two,” part of the 1970s stage show “Behind the Fridge,” whose script was published in the US as “Good Evening: A Comedy-revue in Two Acts.” Here’s the relevant excerpt, spoken by Dud:

    “It’s interesting what you were saying about Man’s basic hostility to women because I think that God, with His usual perspiccacity, has made Man the aggresor in the eternal war of the sexes. I mean, since Primordial times, when Diana Dors ruled the earth, Man has been the hunter. Where did I put those bloody tea bags?”

  5. The beard in the first slide was a free premium given out at “Rasputin the Mad Monk”, a lurid Hammer presumably targeting Mature Adults. It’s featured on the poster. I like to think somebody has a photo of a theaterful of Mature Adults, male and female, all wearing their free beards.

  6. Thanks, Revelator!

    “Free beards” ought to be enough to get anyone into the cinema.

  7. Godfrey Hamilton Says:

    Of course there was the scandalously rude DEREK AND CLIVE LIVE album by Pete and Dud which comes, gloriously, to mind.

  8. Worst job I ever had…

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