Late Again


Once again, we’re approaching the annual Late Show Blogathon, during which I urge EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to contribute appreciations, pontifications or denunciations of works produced in the winter years of our great film artists — directors, actors, whatever. I realize I’d get better results approaching you all individually, but I don’t want to miss anyone out. This could well be the world’s smallest blogathon and YOU could be part of it!

I want all my regulars back, if possible, but would also welcome newbies. Nobody will be turned away.

If you have a blog, link to mine and use the above image, but if you have no personal organ of that kind, I will publish your jottings here with the greatest of pleasure. Get in touch below!





15 Responses to “Late Again”

  1. Doesn’t seem to be downloading properly, so I’m working with what I have, here. The 1st title that comes to mind for me is THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, which I suppose might be considered late autumn, but remains for me one of the three or four greatest adventure films ever made, and more consistently and continually entertaining than most but a very select group of other great films. But…(hope I haven’t barged into anything precipitately, here…

  2. With Prizzi’s Honor and The Dead, Huston had a greater endgame than almost anyone of his generation, but sure, if you’d like to tackle TMWWBK I’d welcome it! Added value since he shot it in between appearances in The Other Side of the Wind.

  3. Sudarshan Ramani Says:

    I think you got ahead of everyone with TOSOW.

  4. La Faustin Says:

    I put in for RUE DE L’ESTRAPADE — and hope to show why it can be considered a late movie.

  5. Sudarshan Ramani Says:

    You know it’s been a while, I will get into Late Film. I’ll talk about Ivan the Terrible, Eisenstein’s last film, my favorite film of all time which I saw on 35mm last year and which floored me for its incredible insight.

  6. Count me in! A trifecta last film, but notably Gloria DeHaven’s and Donald O’Connor’s – “Out To Sea,” a not that great 1997 film with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.

  7. Fantastic! It’s the penultimate film of the Matthau-Lemmon pairing, and third-last for each of them as individuals. So it’s super-late on all levels. Later than I think! Never seen it but eager to read about it.

    Excited for your pieces, Sudarshan and Phoebe!

  8. I don’t have enough to say about it to merit a Late Show entry, but I just discovered that this is Ib Melchior’s final film:

    Keep Off the Grass (1970), an anti-drug propaganda piece. Enjoyable, although not outstanding. An odd filmic note to go out on.

  9. …which seems fitting, given the rest of his career. Don’t have time to watch right now but I MUST! maybe *I’LL* write about it…


  10. The Ultimate “Late Period” film is “Jour Apres Jour” which Jane-Daniel Pollet made two years after his death.

    Here’s the trailer:

  11. It’s a good trick if you can do it!

  12. I’m proposing to do (rather rashly as I haven’t seen it yet) WALK, DON’T RUN, Cary Grant’s last film.

  13. Oh, please do — if it’s terrible, a viewing of the original, The More the Merrier, will make up for it!

  14. I was thinking of doing Arletty’s final film, Le Voyage à Biarritz, starring Fernandel…

  15. Yes please! You know your contributions are always welcome!

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