Duckling, You Sucker!


I think this might be Bernard Bresslaw’s only name-above-the-title moment… in a film once considered lost, now merely… Forgotten. Or else remembered as “that comedy Jekyll & Hyde film Hammer made and then regretted.”

4 Responses to “Duckling, You Sucker!”

  1. Tony Williams Says:

    Saw this film on first release and remember parts of it very well. Good review, david. Also, as for the film being Bresslaw’s only above-the-title moment, I believe a film version was made of THE ARMY GAME, the ITV series with Michael Medwin as Cpl. springer and William Hartnell (who else?) as Sergeant Bullimore so that film’s credits may be worth checking out.

  2. Could be!

    The film seems to be I Only Arsked! with Medwin but without Hartnell. David Lodge and Michael Ripper from Duckling also appear in it.

    The most-viewed Bresslaw movie today, outside of the Carry Ons, may be Jabberwocky, part of his late “Medieval Trilogy” along with Krull and Hawk the Slayer…

  3. Tony Williams Says:

    Not even CARRY ON UP THE KHYBER? Hartnell was replaced by Bill Fraser as Snudge in THE ARMY GAME but I think Hartnell returned for the final season.

  4. Oh, what I meant was that the Carry Ons ARE still widely viewed. Khyber and epecially Screaming are good fun.

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