The Sunday Intertitle: Not Waving

It may be the Day of Rest for you languid observants, but today I begin work proper on a new project of which I may not yet speak. The above intertitle may stand as a mute clew. If you can identify the film I’ll be mildly impressed, but I won’t confirm you’re right, except in private.

Also just finished a text essay for a new Blu-Ray release and an article for magazine publication: more on these shortly. So it’s been a busy week.

No let-up! Our first podcast will appear tomorrow, featuring me, Fiona and Momo the podcat. The Shadowcast will hopefully become an at-least-monthly fixture in all our lives. We recorded episode two last night…


8 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Not Waving”

  1. Mark Fuller Says:

    It ??

  2. Nope! It’s quite a well-known film and the not swimming is a big plot point…

  3. It rings a bell, but as something from a spoof silent. Sloth?

  4. Is Josephine involved?

  5. No, it’s not The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins…

  6. John Warthen Says:

    Buster Keaton’s THE BOAT?

  7. …is NOT the correct answer!


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