Report from the Illusions

Forgot to say — my Bologna summary is up at The Notebook, here.

3 Responses to “Report from the Illusions”

  1. Pink Neorealism seems interesting. I recently saw some of Raffaello Matarazzo’s films on the Eclipse box set. The diptych, Nobody’s Children and The White Angel especially were pretty interesting especially in how it challenges and divides its sympathies.

    The John Stahl film I am interested in seeing in a good print is Back Street which seems to have been a big deal at some point (the rolling stones song Back Street Girl is based on it).

  2. Darryl Hickman (still with us and still a Total Babe) said he had a terrible time with Stahl, who for some reason didn’t like him, until Zanuck saw the rushes of the drowning scene. They were so sensational Stahl made amends with Hickman.

  3. Back Street is good, Only Yesterday is magnificent.

    The kids in Stahl’s films are generally great, so it’s surprising to find he was grumpy with Hickman. Too old for his sympathy, maybe? His last teenage character may have been Bette Davis in Seed (1930).

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