Small Boy Goes Godzilla on the Funicular

You’ll be hearing a lot more about stuff I saw in Bologna, I’m afraid, First up is a Forgotten on CAROSELLO NAPOLITANO, an intoxicating visual-aural feast, by one of the great one-shot directors. Add Ettore Giannini to the company of Herk Harvey and Charles Laughton…

More here.

2 Responses to “Small Boy Goes Godzilla on the Funicular”

  1. James W Cobb Says:

    Fascinating. I must admit as much as I love Powell and Pressburger, TALES OF HOFFMAN has never worked for me. (Oddly enough it was the first of their films I ever heard of, mostly due to a striking color insert in an encyclopedia in my childhood.) This one though does look intriguing. Not sure how I would manage to see it, unless maybe Criterion might bite. Thanks for the review though… it is always a delight to hear about a movie you’ve never heard of.

  2. Tales of Hoffmann is a little hard to digest, there’s just so much of everything, and so little of everything else. But I’ve found it overwhelming in the right way on the big screen, where it belongs.

    Carosello Napoletano does have some dialogue scenes and more naturalistic playing, which helps it along.

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