Stereoscopic Amphibian

Put your glasses on now!

We rocked up too late at the Piazza Maggiore last night, hoping to see Emilio Fernandez’ ENAMORADA, but there were no seats, owing to the Scorsese Effect — the great man was introducing the movie and a lot of people came just for that. We ended up being among them as the idea of standing for the whole feature film was a little too much — it looked AMAZING though (shot by Gabriel Figueroa) so we’ll have to catch it another time at a less spectacular venue (probably our home), outwith this festival.

We tried to compensate by seeing REVENGE OF THE CREATURE in 3D at midnight, which is no substitute. If your heart is set on Maria Felix then no gillman, however charismatic, can take her place. And as for John Agar, you can see why they named a jelly after him. But it was worth it to see the amphibious protagonist raid a lobster house during a jazz performance — the close shot of the trombone player was suitably stereoscopic.


All the same, I can’t help feeling sorry for the creature.

8 Responses to “Stereoscopic Amphibian”

  1. When I was a kid, Soaky bubble bath came in cartoon character bottles. There was a series of four serious Universal Monsters. The fact that the Creature is clutching a fish like a teddy bear dilutes the menace.

  2. …but he is definitely the most suitable bathtime companion.

    Return of the Creature certainly outdoes The Shape of Water in terms of interspecis love, not so much for Ricou Browning’s attraction to Lori Nelson, more for her relationship with her German shephred, Chris, characterised as a love affair from the start. Chris gives his life defending his mistress, but nobody ever notices this fact and he’s left in the rushes in a welter of doggie stage blood, poor fellow.

  3. “If your heart is set on Maria Felix then no gillman, however charismatic, can take her place.” I doubt these words have ever been uttered before. I’m happy I was here for the occasion.

  4. Excellent posting of the 3D Creature ad. Yes, I have 3D glasses handy.

  5. Excellent restoration — like new! I really hope some of Jack Arnold’s other 3D movies get released, especially It Came from Outer Space.

  6. Thanks, our restoration of that one has been out since 2016!

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