Bolognese Earrings

Off to Il Cinema Ritrovato.

Momo the cat is lodging with our friend Dottie.

Our flat is being revamped in our absence (we need SHELVES!) by live-in handyman Travis.

Two flights with a ridiculously long stopover in Paris CDG. Last time was a strain, so we’re leaving really early to allow plenty of time, which means we’re not sleeping tonight.

If we’re very ambitious, and conscious, we could be seeing a movie in the Piazza Maggiore at 9.45pm. The movie is MADAME DE… so it’s pretty tempting.

3 Responses to “Bolognese Earrings”

  1. Too tired. Fiona was actually dreaming during dinner… waking up and finding herself eating. “The next time we do this,” she said, referring to the early start and six hour stopover, “Let’s NOT do this.”

  2. Very “Discreet Charm” of her.

  3. It was more surreal for her than for the rest of us. But then she woke up today feeling terrific and has had a superb day, so the sleep deprivation and relocation have done some kind of good, it seems!

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