Femms Fatale

Got my Blu-Ray of THE OLD DARK HOUSE from Masters of Cinema!

Stephen Horne and I made a great big video essay for this one — 38 mins! I just couldn’t help myself. Adding to my musings are quotes from various interested parties and the J.B. Priestley source novel, Benighted, performed by ace actors Angela Hardie and Steven McNicoll. I think this is a particularly fun one — DVDBeaver and CineOutsider have been kind enough to call it “wonderful” and “enthralling” — and of course the film is a stone-cold masterpiece.

The Old Dark House [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD)


3 Responses to “Femms Fatale”

  1. Did you ever get a chance to talk with Gloria Stuart? She was absolutely wonderful. As unique film star as Louise Brooks in many ways. her heyday was the thirties when she worked for Whale three times. She was wildly helpful to me in the writing of my book “Open Secret: Gay Hollywood 1928-2000” where Whale was central. She married Arthur Sheckman, who wrote for the Marx Brothers (and whose other screen credits include the script of “Some Came Running”) then retired to be a Hollywood hostess. After his death she renewed her career, appearing in “My Favorite Year” (where she dances with Peter O’Toole at the Copa) and most overwhelmingly as “Old Rose” in “Titanic.” Such a marvelous and unique woman, and great friend of Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy. She lived to be 100!

  2. I never got to speak to her, alas.

    And, knowing her commentary track was going to be on the disc, I tried to avoid going over the same ground she covered in interviews. But I did get Angela to sort-of impersonate her when reading Mrs. Waverley’s lines from the novel.

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