Kid Stuff

My third Anatomy of a Gag video essay on Chaplin is up at Criterion, here. It’s definitely the cutest.

Sadly, we couldn’t figure out a way to include my signed photo of Jackie Coogan, but here’s a photo of the photo.

6 Responses to “Kid Stuff”

  1. “Shake the hand that held the photo of the man who owned the hand that held the… etc”

  2. All you have to do is shake Peter Bogdanovich’s hand, and you can shake the hands of say 70% of the Golden Age of Hollywood

  3. Coogan, in the army, introducing himself to a friend’s uncle: “Shake the hand that holds the prick that fucked Betty Grable!”

    He’d stopped being cute by then, I think.

  4. Trivium: Coogan was a glider pilot in the Army. Years later, John Astin recalled a press tour for “The Addams Family” show. During their flight, Coogan would sleep but his feet would automatically work imaginary control pedals.

  5. Over at Greenbriar Picture Shows there was a recent piece on “A Countess From Hong Kong”, and some musings over how Chaplin’s micro-managed choreography went over with method actor Brando.

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