She’s Up!

My SCARLET EMPRESS piece is live at The Chiseler. Great response to this one on Twitter — thanks to @CriterionDaily for publicising it.

So, we’re more than halfway through the Sternberg-Dietrich canon (out of sequence), with THE BLUE ANGEL, SHANGHAI EXPRESS and THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN still to come. Hell will have no surprises!

Cinephiles everywhere should be ordering Criterion’s forthcoming box set of all six Paramount films (and they should already own THE BLUE ANGEL in some format or other).

6 Responses to “She’s Up!”

  1. Lovely essay.

    One of Maria Riva’s three sons, the late and much-missed J. Michael Rive was a production designer of considerable acclaim. His masterpiece was “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai” I’m certain grandmamma would have loved it .

  2. Jeff Gee Says:

    “… another tale of marital discord and alarming architecture…” should henceforth be on the poster.

  3. Great piece — makes me want to dig up my Criterion DVD since the Blu-ray set isn’t out yet. On a related note, have you ever written about The Black Cat?

  4. I didn’t know about the Buckaroo Banzai connection. Makes me wonder what a Sternberg superhero movie would be like. Jet Pilot meets Wonder Woman…


    I’ve also compared the giant sun and moon shots in A Passage to India with those in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre using the line “another tale of unruly passions in a hot climate.”

    I wrote about The Black Cat here
    and previously

  5. Is there a reason why The Blue Angel wasn’t part of the Criterion box-set?

    Maybe I am too obsessive-compulsive but the fact that one film is missing from a box-set which has nearly all their work is irksome. You can say that Blue Angel is really about Jannings more than Dietrich and the later films are absolutely more about her characters than the men…but still it should be there.

  6. It’ll be a rights thing. The US films are all Paramount, and there should have been a box set years ago. Kino have released The Blue Angel stateside, so it’s probably not available.

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