He Is Risen

I am attempting nothing less than the entire New Testament in movie trailer form. As God said on the day of creation, here goes nothing…



6 Responses to “He Is Risen”

  1. Patti Smith’s cover of the U2 Song which was made for Wenders film of the same title, which itself is the last lines of Nick Ray’s KING OF KINGS.

  2. Remembered column item: Long ago, a TV station was showing the silent version of “King of Kings”. After Judas betrays Christ, they cut to a commercial with the familiar jingle, “If he kissed you once, will he kiss you again? Be certain with Certs!”

    Some years back I was in a local production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” Our Easter matinee attracted a large church group. Really. They laughed at all the naughty jokes, and I’m still disappointed I couldn’t sell the director on an added line: When Hysterium, impersonating a corpse, jumps off the pyre and runs away, I wanted to have one of the Roman soldiers gripe “Not ANOTHER one!”

  3. Ha! I guess, being derived from Plautus, the story is arguably set BC, but a point can always be stretched if the joke is good enough…

  4. Could the Wenders reference be subconsciously inspired by the crashing Chinese satellite yesterday, which echoes one of UTEOTW’s plotlines?

    I quite like that song.

  5. No, I just thought of it something Easter related and film-related, and that was what I drew up, and I was listening to the 20th Anniversary Achtung Baby tribute album a week before (it features covers by different bands on the same album),

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