Lip Flap

I’ve seen lots of bad trailers while searching for captions I could use to make mash-ups out of, but this is the first one that demands AN ORIGIN STORY.

“OK, are you ready to dub this thing? We can only do one take.”

“Can we rehearse? Play it through once or twice to get the feel of it?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do that.”

“Is there a script?”

“Uh. Sure.” [holds up crap]

“You have what looks like twenty pages of cramped scrawl for a three-minute trailer. Written in eyebrow pencil.”

“What do you want, Stirling Silliphant? Anyway, did I mention you’re also doing the music and sound effects?”

“What? But there’s only three of us.”

“It’s going to be wonderful, trust me.”




12 Responses to “Lip Flap”

  1. I am Delighted and Captivated. But then, I realize that trailers use the Very Best Bits.

  2. And a good thing too! Just think if they didn’t.

  3. If that turtle that met the scorpion had worn a mini skirt, maybe things would have ended differently.

  4. Features Wolfgang “Dr Mabuse” Preiss as “Dr. Angus Cromwell.” Promises to give us a glimpse of what a Jesus Franco film without Franco might be like.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    A global – what? WHAT??

    “Dr. Coon”!? Do I hear that right?

    I especially like the “Ah, forget it” shove at 1:52 that still sends the other guy flying into the wall.

  6. IMDb says there’s a Dr Cromwell, but no Coon.

    Also — featuring Robert McNamara as himself!

  7. Seriously, don’t get your hopes up. I mean, we all loved “What’s Up Tiger Lily,” but Woody shouldn’t have pushed his luck.

  8. The only copy of the film itself I can find is in Spanish, which ain’t gonna do it for me.

  9. Jeff Gee Says:

    I would be okay watching it DUBBED into Spanish, provided the guy who narrates the trailer does all the voices.

  10. Yeah, but I still feel I would lose a lot.

  11. Jeff Gee Says:

    Well, how about if Francis Ford Coppola (in the pink shirt) is doing a simultaneous translation from an embedded window?

  12. Now you’re talking my language!

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