Carol & Alice

Research for a new project: went to the library to get material on Natalie Wood. Most of the books in the biography section were either written by Simon Callow or about Gypsy Rose Lee, it seemed, but I eventually found Gavin Lambert’s sensitive bio, and as a bonus, Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant by Dyan Cannon, which also ties in with this project.

And so in the space of half an hour I read about a drunken Nick Ray accidentally drinking Natalie Wood’s urine sample, and Cary Grant getting his foot frozen to a window. Neither story is particularly useful to my project or anything at all really, but they seemed like enough for a short blog post. If you require more detail, ask for it in comments, but you might prefer to work on your negative capability or just use your imaginations to embellish the scenarios.

I’m mostly better but my stomach is still as sensitive as Mr. Lambert’s writing.

8 Responses to “Carol & Alice”

  1. Randy Cook Says:

    “Accidentally”. Sure, Nick, sure.

  2. Gavin knew Natalie Wood her entire life. His “Inside Daisy Clover” is partially inspired by Her (the other partially being Judy Garland) Be sure to read “Good Stuff” by Grant’s daughter Jennifer who I met several years back. Very nice woman.

  3. Natalie Wood was also very close to Gavin’s last boyfriend — Mart Crowley. She had as many gay male friends as Elizabeth Taylor. Among them: Nick Adams and Perry Lopez (Detective Escobar in “Chinatown”)

    I met her once. She glowed in the dark!

  4. She’s luminous onscreen. And though Lambert records a certain amount of bratty behaviour when she was unhappy (she never achieved diva monstrousness even at her lowest), she still comes over as sympathetic.

    Randy: ahaha!

  5. chris schneider Says:

    Natalie Wood in BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE is the stuff of discussions of acting versus essence. Her performance in the film isn’t especially skillful, but she is absolutely believable as a product of the world depicted.

  6. Mazursky wasn’t sure she could be funny, but she is, though Robert Culp takes the lead in their domestic madness. Her following devotedly is just as amusing: a reactor rather than actor.

    She has some funny — and skilled — stuff in The Great Race, a movie she loathed doing. She’s the only actor who came up with a version of silent movie acting that’s funny and not annoying, and she parodies a strident suffragette while still seeming the least strident actor in the movie.

  7. She was very excited about doing “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice” as she’d done a number of comedies in the 60’s that were quite beneath her. Funny she took such exception to “The Great race” after appearing in the likes of “Penelope” and “Sex and the Single Girl” (the latter a favorite of Andre Techine’s for reasons that completely elude me) Under Mazurky’s direction she’s very loose and relaxed and frisky.

  8. The Great Race was one she HAD to do in order to get Inside Daisy Clover made, and because it overran by months, she missed the chance to do The Collector with Wyler.

    She grew to dislike Blake Edwards also. it seems to have been mutual. There’s a photo of him very elegantly hurling a pie into her face…

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