That Stinking Feeling

Got sick as a dog, or coyote, on Fiona’s birthday while having dinner. Spent today recovering. Got over the shivering fits and just felt very pleasantly sleepy.

Fiona is watching THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE. I am sleepily half-watching.

I bought a very peculiar ROAD RUNNER DVD. It has a few latter-day toons by “other hands” from the 90s or noughties — and the older ones are DePatie-Freleng affairs. And there’s just one Chuck Jones film, CHARIOTS OF FUR, which is also a late work. It IS nice that Jones got his hands back on these characters at last. I find his last Bugs Bunny films a bit sad — so slow and talkie — but this was pretty good. Still not a patch on the fast and furry-ous days of yore, but a fond reunion of the cartoon deity with his Job.

(Holding up a tiny sign to a falling boulder — an analog of human existence — or is the sign addressed to the indifferent Creator, a canyon echo of DUCK AMUCK?)

3 Responses to “That Stinking Feeling”

  1. Chuck Jones doesn’t get enough credit as a landscape artist. I mean in animation in the Road Runner cartoons he took the American desert and made it into this universal abstraction, endless sun endless day, magenta rocks and he did it in a modern way, i.e. not making it about western films but about modern equipment, roads, highways and so on.

  2. Well, credit must go to Maurice Noble, who landscaped Jones’ toons, even the late ones. His use of shape and colour gives a poetic sweep to Jones’ existential slapstick.

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