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That Stinking Feeling

Posted in FILM with tags , on March 8, 2018 by dcairns

Got sick as a dog, or coyote, on Fiona’s birthday while having dinner. Spent today recovering. Got over the shivering fits and just felt very pleasantly sleepy.

Fiona is watching THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE. I am sleepily half-watching.

I bought a very peculiar ROAD RUNNER DVD. It has a few latter-day toons by “other hands” from the 90s or noughties — and the older ones are DePatie-Freleng affairs. And there’s just one Chuck Jones film, CHARIOTS OF FUR, which is also a late work. It IS nice that Jones got his hands back on these characters at last. I find his last Bugs Bunny films a bit sad — so slow and talkie — but this was pretty good. Still not a patch on the fast and furry-ous days of yore, but a fond reunion of the cartoon deity with his Job.

(Holding up a tiny sign to a falling boulder — an analog of human existence — or is the sign addressed to the indifferent Creator, a canyon echo of DUCK AMUCK?)