The Face on the Cutting Room Floor

There’s a new article at The Notebook by Daniel Riccuito and me.


We’ve evolved a strange method of collaboration. Daniel pesters me on Facebook, asking for paragraphs, or thoughts or examples of cinematic phenomena he’s exploring. I’ll churn out a hundred words or so on the topic at hand, and he’ll simply drop the passages into his works in progress, occasionally, I presume, massaging the surrounding text to make it seamless, or seamless-seeming. Not easy, I suspect, for anyone to identify who wrote what.

Illustration: Allen Jenkins by Tony Millionaire

2 Responses to “The Face on the Cutting Room Floor”

  1. Who wrote “built like a barrel of pickles that fell off the truck on Pearl Street”? That’s worthy of A. J. Liebling.

  2. That’s Daniel — he’s great at what you call the poetry of the streets!

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