Time once again for Shadowplay Christmas cards. “But,” you ask, “These are not cards, they are images on a computer screen. How do I deliver them to my friends and loved ones?”

I think the best option is probably if you slide your computer monitor or laptop into an outsized envelope and deliver it to the film lover in your life. Or maybe even to a benighted soul who knows nothing of cinema and will be baffled and intrigued by your suddenly handing them a computer part. It could be the beginning of something great! I don’t know what, exactly, but let’s not be cynical, not at this glorious time of year!


5 Responses to “Card-Carrying”

  1. Ah, festive noir! The true spirit of Christmas — paranoia, corruption and post-war malaise.

  2. Well for THAT you can’t beat “Christmas Holiday” Robert Siodmak directs a Herman J. Mankiewicz adaptation of a Somerset Maugham story about sweet young thing (Deanna Durbin) who marries a crazy-read-queer homicidal maniac (Gene Kelly) and ends up in a New Orleans whorehouse where she sings —

  3. The presence of Myrna Loy in today’s post reminds me that The Thin Man is also a Christmas movie.

  4. Yes. Powell shooting Christmas tree ornaments is a highlight.

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